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About Us

About Us2024-07-01T18:44:36+00:00

Our intention is to enhance the lives of our residents by understanding their desires, anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations. The following have been thoughtfully designed to eliminate life’s inconveniences and bring happiness to our resident’s lives. To learn more about each program, please reach out to the Leasing Center.

Living Room

Experience Color

Experience life in color with our accent wall program. Choose from our unique designer-selected color range to enhance your home.

Furnished Apartments

We offer fully furnished apartments through our partner, Fashion Furniture Rental. For more information, contact our Leasing Center or start your order.


Friends make the best neighbors and you could earn a bonus for each referral. Nearly anyone who is over 18 and doesn’t work for a property management company can qualify.


Did you know that paying rent on time should contribute towards building good credit? We can help you improve your credit score with RentTrack! RentTrack reports your rent payments to the three major credit bureaus each month, helping improve your credit score and strengthen your credit history.

Living Room
Living Room

Corporate & Short Term Living

We provide short and long term temporary housing throughout California, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia and Florida. We offer unfurnished, fully furnished and accessorized apartments, lofts and townhomes for business professionals.

Preferred Employer Program

Partner with Lyon Living, and your employees will receive numerous discounts and benefits. If you would like to apply to become a Preferred Employer, please contact us.

Marea And M Collection FAQ’s

How does the process work if I’m unemployed, retired, a student, or have a pending offer letter for a new job?2024-06-21T19:09:48+00:00

We accept offer letters, with paystubs from latest prior job and bank statements. If you are unemployed, retired, or a student, you must have supporting documentation showing that you can support 2.7x the monthly rent.

Do you accept guarantors?2024-06-21T19:09:36+00:00

Yes, they must live in the state of California and make 5x the monthly rent.

How fast does the maintenance team response to service requests?2024-06-21T19:09:25+00:00

Our maintenance team aims to respond to service requests within 24-48 hours.

What kind of events do you have for community engagement?2024-06-21T19:09:11+00:00

We host events every 1-2 months, along with hosting local food trucks on almost a monthly basis.

How will delivery drivers enter the community?2024-06-21T19:08:55+00:00

Scheduled route carriers such as UPS, FedEx & USPS and all other carriers are required to stop at the Luxer lockers in order to deliver to the mail/parcel room(s).

Is Marea and M Collection gated?2024-06-21T19:08:42+00:00

Marea gate is open during the day from 6am-6pm and closes after 6pm. You have to open the gate with a remote or by calling the name on the directory after hours. The gate at M Collection is closed at all times and can only be opened by a remote or pincode.

What are the amenity hours?2024-06-21T19:08:29+00:00

The fitness center is open 24 hours a day; all other amenities are open from 8am-10pm.

How’s the safety in the area?2024-06-21T19:08:16+00:00

Marea & M Collection have after-hours patrol, parking with gated entry, and all amenities require the use of a FOB.

What are the breed restrictions?2024-06-21T19:07:58+00:00

Yes. Exotic pets, reptiles and dogs of pure breed or mixed breeds of any of the following are prohibited from the property: Akita, Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Queensland Heeler), Basenji, Bedlington Terrier, Boxer, Bull Mastiff, Chow Chow, Dalmation, Doberman, Dogue de Bordeaux, Foxhound, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Malamute, Mastiff, Pit Bull, Presia Canario (Pit Bull Family), Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Weimaraner and Wolf Dog. Reptiles and exotic animals are allowed only with written approval from management. No poisonous or illegal pets allowed.

What’s your pet policy & pet fees?2024-06-21T19:07:41+00:00

Deposit is $500 per pet, and pet rent is $50 per pet, per month.

Do you have homes without carpet?2024-06-21T19:07:22+00:00

At Marea, a majority of the bedrooms have carpet with wood-grain finish flooring throughout the remainder of the apartment. At M Collection, wood-grain finish flooring throughout the entire apartment home.

Are there assigned parking spaces or spots?2024-06-21T19:07:10+00:00

The first parking space is assigned to the resident. Any additional parking spaces would be located in open parking areas on a first come, first serve basis.

Are there Tesla chargers on site?2024-06-21T19:06:59+00:00

We currently do not have Tesla chargers.

Do you offer EV charging?2024-06-21T19:06:28+00:00


How much is the application fee?2024-06-21T19:06:10+00:00

$62.02 per applicant.

What is the security deposit?2024-06-21T19:05:55+00:00

1 Bed: $500
2 Bed: $600
2 Bed (M Collection): It ranges from $1000- $1500.

Does your building have fiber internet?2024-06-21T19:04:36+00:00

No, it’s coax.

Where do move in trucks park their vehicle?2024-06-21T19:04:12+00:00

At Marea, move-in parking is located next to the trash enclosures by each building. At M Collection, move-in parking is open.

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